ContexTip is a B2B web and mobile application that is added as an intelligence over the Customer Relationship Management platform called Salesforce.

Mar 2016 - Dec 2016
9 months
Axure RP
Fluid UI
Hats worn
Visual Design
Front-end dev
Project Type
B2B product for Salesforce - Desktop and Mobile
As a UX Engineer at Lister Technologies, I spent 9 months designing and developing ContexTip. The idea behind this application is to help Sales teams in Organizations improve their prospects by giving useful contextual insights to the Sales persons.
Being the sole designer in the team, the experience allowed me to work directly with the top executives in the organization and try out product design, branding, and front-end development. Due to confidentiality agreements, this project will be brief.
Salesforce is a cloud-based platform used by more than 150,000 businesses to track, maintain, and analyze their customers (and vice versa) through a collection of applications. Now, for a company to expand its scope of services and improve its revenue, there are two opportunities that such a big data platform can offer:
(1) Provide information to companies about their customer's satisfaction as well as their needs, and
(2) Help companies with new requirements find businesses that can serve these requirements.

We developed web and mobile applications for Salesforce to offer these two opportunities to the sales teams of organizations.
• To increase effectiveness of sales meetings with prospects
• To save time in finding relevant information from the silos of data
• To effortlessly receive useful contextual notifications for improving sales
• We identify experts in own organization who can help enable the Sales for a given particular Opportunity and rank them according to their expertise in multiple areas.
• We generate relevant insights of buying organization, team, contact person, account details and product details by processing data extracted from multiple sources

Prototyping in Fluid UI



• Being the design lead for the first time to a big project, I learnt to break down the high-level goals into manageable components that can be easily tackled. This project also gave the confidence to say nothing is impossible when you learn and approach it step by step.

• This project also gave the opportunity to work with top executives of the companies. Every meeting with them gave me insightful learnings and made be understand how design decisions are made when millions are at stake.

• Building on the "mobile-first" principle led to an application design based on a card layout that conveyed the important metrics effectively in both desktop and mobile contexts.

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