Team project for Freshdesk's "Save the Hacker" hackathon

May 2014
48 hours hackathon
Axure RP
My Contributions
Winning idea for hackathon
Wireframes generation
High-fidelity mockups
Project Type
Hybrid Mobile application development in a hackathon
Freshdesk's "Save the Hacker" hackathon happened in 2014 in Chennai, India. With the DIY revolution maturing at that time, we picked the theme of “developing technologies for DIY that enable users to convert their interests to hobbies.”

We designed and developed Green Fingers at this event. I was the sole designer contributing to a team of developers, so I took charge of the conceptualization, prototyping, and refining designs. I modified the high-fidelity prototypes in 2017 to keep up with the new material design guidelines.

Design a mobile product experience that appeals to millennials and helps them with gardening. Target users are interested in gardening and want to grow and maintain plants at home as a hobby.

Since this project was completed during a hackathon, we focused mainly on gardening blogs and competitor research to understand user needs. We identified three categories of apps that are related to our idea, providers: applications that sell and ship garden supplies---lawns, plans, equipment, etc. (e.g., My Lawn), identifiers: applications that identify plants and their current states by taking pictures (e.g., Garden Answers), recommenders: applications that automatically recommend what to do next by observing weather and conditions (e.g., Gardenia), and conversers: applications that answer gardener's questions (e.g., SmartPlant). These applications target distinct goals to help gardening enthusiasts.

Green Fingers makes gardening simple and organized for both novice and advanced gardeners. This app lets us create a virtual garden of our own by suggesting suitable plant types and plant seeds according to our garden type, soil type and weather type. Once the seeds are planted, it helps in plant maintainance activities such as watering, harvesting etc.

The solution is captured through a series of concept sketches. • Green Fingers understands the user’s conditions like weather and soil types and their interests by asking them a series of questions
• It makes suggestions for selection of plants and laying them out in the garden
• You can model your entire garden virtually in the app before actually buying seeds and planting them
• A garden gnome (customizable avatar) keeps you updated with the status of your plants, immediate actions, and tips for the garden
• When you go out of town, you can ask a friend to water your plants. The app sends an alert to your friend’s email instead of your phone and they can mark it done from the email itself once they finish the task
• You can capture moments in your gardening journey to create your own journal of interesting memories

I used medium fidelity wireframing as my tool to explain the sign-in and onboarding process visually in deatil, along with the home screen and options available from hamburger menu.

After multiple iterations, I followed material design guidelines and created the high fidelity prototypes of my final design concept using Sketch.

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