Learning Analytics - R&D Project

Feb 2015 - Jul 2015
6 months
Adobe Photoshop
HTML, CSS Bootstrap
D3.js, Highcharts.js
Java, SQL
My Contributions
Design and development of Learning Analytics Dashboard
Project Type
R&D project during Semester Abroad at inLab, UPC Barcelona
Pilares is a smart platform of Learning Analytics built to improve performance in Secondary Education by analyzing the data obtained from usage patterns of e-learning platforms. During my research internship at Barcelona, I have designed and developed the dashboard for teachers to track students’ motivation and performance.

The dashboard is personalized to teachers. Every teacher can see his/her important statistics such as number of students, groups and modules as a summary on this screen. It gives high level details like division of groups in the class, types of modules and current trending activities. It has a section showing a comparison of average motivation of students taking that particular course and average motivation of school, so that the teachers understand the students’ relative motivation which imply the quality of their teaching in the class.

A common set of filters can be implemented for all the graphs. Filters can be set and then without any further modification for individual graphs, all the plots can be viewed. The idea is to present the summary plots on the top and give a drill down of the same in the bottom.

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